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SOHO Asakusa is conveniently located within easy walking distance from major train stations and subway lines.

 By subway

 By taxi

 By bus

 IRIYA station



SOHO Asakusa 4-28-11 Senzoku, Taito-ku Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3873-2389 / Fax: +81-3-3265-6306
Subway: HIBIYA Line IRIYA Station(H-18) Tokyo Metro Map> download

By subway

  • Please go out to the ground level through exit No. 3 at Iriya station of Tokyo Metro.
    From Ueno-station to Iriya-station, please take Hibiya-line bound for Kitasenjyu direction.

    When you get out of exit No. 3 you will find SABOTEN “Fried Pork Bento (Deli Fast Food). As seeing this shop on your left side, please go forward toward Elementary School and a small play ground on your right side. You are on the right path if you see them on the right side across the street.

    Please keep going forward on the street about 5 to 10min, you will pass two big intersections, you will find a pink sign of liquor store front of you. Please turn left if you see the store front of you on the intersection. And please follow the Map above to find us.

    If you got lost please show this local address below to local Japanese to get help finding us.

    千束4-28-11、千束保健センターの交差点を右に入ったコインランドリへの行き 方を教えてください。

    You are always welcome to make a phone call to me.

By taxi

  • Please Show this Map to a Taxi driver.
    行き先:千束4-28-11 ホテルSOHO浅草(旧名:ホテル最上モガミ) 金美観通りを花園通りに向かい進んでください。
    花園通りに入ったら左折して前進。最初の交差点にサークルK(左斜め前)が あります。そこを左折してください。

    30mほど行くと(右手ローソンを越える)右手にコインランドリーがあります (左に喫茶メロディー、スカーレット、信長)。コインランドリーの建物が SOHO浅草(旧名:ホテル最上)です。

    入り口は、ランドリーの裏側(逆側)。チェーンのかかった自転車置き場を抜け てきてください。

By bus


  • Please take a city bus Ue(上)No, 46 bound for Minamisenjyu-station(南千住 駅行き).

    And get off at the bus stop Yoshiwara-Daimon(吉原大門バス停). Go across the intersection on which Gas-station on the left side and Minimarket AM/PM on the right side.

    Follow the busy street until you find Minimarket Sunkus on the right side. On the next intersection front of you Senzoku-Hoken-center, please turn right and go forward until you find the Laundry mat on the left side. The entrance of SOHO Asakusa is on the back side of Laundry mat. 

From IRIYA station

  • Please go out of exit No. 3 of Iriya-station (hibiya-line, Tokyo Metro). When you go out of exit No. 3, you will see the intersection of Iriya on your back.

    Turn around and please go up to the first traffic light on the intersection. There is Fried Pork Lunch box Deli-shop called “SABOTEN”(さぼてん) on your left. Please turn left on the corner and go straight, and you will soon see the small play ground on your right side across the street and Pizza Hat on your left. And you are on the right road. The street is called Kinbikan-Dori(金 美観通り)